Monday, October 27, 2008

Moving to my own dot com site!

I love blogger for my personal stuff, been using it since I was a wee angst-ridden teen.

However, I've more and more gotten the impression that, especially as a "sexish blogger" with a commercial site to attached to my name, I've gotta step up the game. Gentle and not-so-gentle suggestions from fellow friends on twitter have enticed me to move this strange little writing foray on over to wordpress.

Thus, I am now on wordpress, with a shiny new dot com pointed to my name!

You can now find me at:


Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm on a silicone kick...

So I discovered an AWESOME silicone company that manufactures here in the US.

Thankfully, I rooted them out *after* I left youknowwhere, so they will be deprived of the bitchin' toys this company puts out. Would it be vindictive to make exclusion of the aforementioned a qualification of becoming this company's liaison to the industry? Hmmm. Have to think on that.

ANYhoo - think f-l-e-s-h-l-i-g-h-t, but in silicone. Think of a pure silicone double dildo. Think of amazing penisy shapes made in dual density. Mmm. I know I do.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Against the Grain - An original and (woefully unedited) erotica piece.

God help her, she loved it.

Loved it. She laughed with a false, hollow sound when "the girls" would talk about how they used it, wielded it against their hapless partners to get this bauble or that favor, suffered through it to keep their men placid.

They talked about fantasizing about the openly handsome men, the adonises and models that flaunted their looks like expensive clothes, about having hot sex on their terms and making them into glorified pool boys. Receiving oral sex without ever having to give it; heaven, the perfect sex, they called it. She shuddered at the thought of such an incomplete and skewed affair.

She imagined something else entirely, seeking out the quiet, dark men, the ones that would simply accept the act as if it were ordained, no huge grins or stupid jokes about the anonymous affair. The one that would look at her placidly, with just a hint of approval, drifting his eyes downward as she gently slid to her knees.

The feel of his nails gently trailing her scalp, the feel of his fingers twining lightly, but firmly in her hair; these took up too much room for any idiotic pool boy fantasies to encroach her mind's eye. The downslide of a zipper, the revelation of the hot bulge, it drove her out of her mind with desire, she wanted to press her lips, her cheek against the hot, pulsing secret in front of her. She was nearly never patient, busying herself pulling aside undergarments to unfold the thickening manhood and release the musky scent that brought her to the point of no return. The same scent that demanded she do what she desperately wanted to. The plush, plump head that bobbed against her lips - she loved to give a halfhearted refusal, tightening her lips without any real conviction in the act; if she was lucky he would tap it against her mouth and face, and, even better, tighten his grip ever so slightly and push into her mouth. If he did, he would be rewarded with a deep and throaty moan that was brimming with gratitude.

The engorged head, the salted plum, filled her mouth and pinned her tongue against her bottom teeth, teeth she kept covered even at the risk of scraping her mouth, she wanted him to feel nothing but moist, tight, wet pleasure. She loved the way the shaft settled heavy like a fallen tree in the cradle of her tongue, curled to touch every inch of it she could at once. She opened her throat, sliding it back and back, fighting the urge to gag, until the tip of her nose nestled against his abdomen. She only hovered there a few moments - only the vulgar and unskilled relied solely on the most obvious of techniques, after all.

She wrapped her fingers around his shaft, sliding her grip one way while her wet mouth moved in the other, up and down over and over, her own pleasure blooming as she felt him grow harder and harder between her lips, heated marble. She felt herself salivate, drool over the unbearably sexy cock fucking her mouth slowly and surely, her entire focus narrowed to that tangy piston dragging back and forth on her tongue.

The steady increase in frequency and volume of his breathing served as a mantra, narrowing her focus even farther, her world finding purpose only in the impending orgasm hovering between her lips. Increasing speed and stretching her fingers and jaw to ensure all the contact physically possible, she closed her eyes to concentrate fully - licking, stroking and sucking in a frenzy of wanton desire that strained and begged for his orgasm.

And finally, her hand resting lightly on his thigh as she knelt before him worshipfully, she felt his muscles cord and his cock give a hard solid pulse, just before a hot jet of semen filled her mouth. Her eyes rolled back with the earth-shattering level of arousal his climax had begun to thrust her into, and she slid back, jerking the shaft as it spurted the rest of his load across her upturned face, her eyes closed, mouth opened and tongue outstretched.

She licked his cock clean with slow, blissful laps as her own orgasm hummed between her damp thighs. She slid her free hand down to touch herself, her climax bursting with his prick in her mouth, as his hot cum slithered a tickling trail off her cheeks.

Fuck the pool boy, she thought, dragging two fingers through the stain on her cheek and sucking it off the tips.

Why I'm a Dork...

Through a series of events a big long to 'esplain, yours truly has many, many large boxes of sex toys in her bedroom, literally floor to ceiling, that must be gone through and inventoried, so I that may begin to sell them. Some have ripped packages, but all are new toys.

eBay was the original choice, but they are violently restrictive on sex toy sellers - can't accept paypal, have to be listed under a tiny section of the site that requires a creditcard to log in (and even then two clickthroughs after, even if you have a credit card on file!!), and can't make use of the 'buy it now' option. Then I looked up, at a friend's suggestion,, which looks bitchin', but only seems to have one or two sellers and a very, very low page rank. Third option is a clearance section of my website, but the time it would take to individually list everything for a single sale, upload the non-stock picture, then remove it when it sold, it would be a real pain.

Rather than making a decision, I decided I'm going to build a fort in my living room with the boxes and toys, because it will make me feel better. That's why I'm a dork.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tagged like a blouse on clearance...

I get to throw my hat in the ring for the latest viral survey making the rounds, courtesy of the gorgeous Butterfly Temptress. :)

The Rules-
* Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog..
* Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1.) I am a practicing pagan, mostly given to the solitary end of things. Have a real altar, ceremonial dress for Sabbats, the whole nine. I'm really relaxed about it, though, no crazy drama. Not a fan of drama, especially of the religious variety.

2.) I have two cats, Pekoe and Darjeeling, both named after tea. Darjie is a polydactyl/hemingway cat with an extra half a paw on both front feet. He's clumsy, but I love the hell out of him.

3.) I actually only got into the industry about a year and a half ago, but had previously been swiping Adam & Eve catalogs out of my parent's mail for as long as I could remember. I was a porn klepto - stole dad's hustlers and mom's "Joy of Sex" before I hit 13. Guess I was destined to be here :)

4.) My hair is past my waist.

5.) I am a recovering severe trichotillomaniac. It sucked, and I'm glad it's stopped for the time being.

6.) I'm a fairly accomplished singer, having been in show choirs, concert choirs, a capella groups, and been in both madrigal events and in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - twice.

7.) I was born on 9/16 at 6:19.

As far as the tagging-back thing, I'm going to have to edit this later, because I have to check my meager friends list to see who hasn't gotten it yet.

Thanks BFT :)